Housing Developments

For a number of years now, we have undertaken works in greenfield sites for residential developers such as Tulloch Homes and Pat Munro. The vast majority of the housing developments we have been involved in are around the Inverness area, although we have do have a proud history of working all over the Highlands

Typically, we install the infrastructure to the housing developer’s specifications, working closely with engineers to ensure work is carried out exactly to their requirements. ┬áThis involves;

  • Going into the greenfield, stripping back trees, bushes, shrubs and turf, and managing disposal off-site
  • Stripping the top soil and stockpiling for future use
  • Road box cutting down to formation
  • Installing the mainline drains which include house tails and gully tails
  • Preparing the road to engineer specifications, often depending on varying requirements.

After we have built up the road infrastructure to the housing developer engineer’s spec, we will embark on ensuring the following tasks are undertaken to a professional level and yet again meets engineer’s requirements;

  • Footpaths
  • Mainline water and gas duct installation
  • Mainline telecommunications line installation
  • Erecting street lighting columns and fitting cabling
  • Excavation and preparation of foundations
  • Build the substructure and install internal services
  • Underfloor insulation and DPM (Damp Proofing) reinforcing
  • Place and finish concrete

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