Radon Gas Barrier Installation

R & R Glass Groundwork Contractors are specialists in Radon Gas Barrier Installation, completing projects in a timely manner and to the specification and requirements of large homebuilders such as Tullochs.

Why Radon Gas Barrier Proofing is necessary

Radon, a colourless, odourless radioactive gas is formed by the radioactive decay of the small amounts of uranium that naturally occur in all rocks and soils.  It is a known carcinogen and poses a chronic toxicity hazard to humans. Relatively speaking, Radon levels are low and the risk to health is small, nevertheless it is imperative to ensure that where radon is found to pose a risk the correct procedures are followed to protect future homeowners and residents.

As radon enters a building from the very ground that it is built on, the most efficient way of keeping indoor levels to a minimum is by preventing it entering the building in the first instance. This is done by means of installing a radon barrier correctly and professionally. Radon gas barrier installation is done in accordance with home builder’s specifications and requirements, and following installation an inspection takes place to ensure all such requirements have been met satisfactorily.

radon gas barrier

The membrane is taped into place

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